Feature Your Dogs in our Gallery
Would you like show the best pictures of your dog(s) in this gallery and on the detail page?
Present your dogs on The Willie Walker Pedigrees Database, which is used frequently world wide to obtain English Setter information.
Our offer concerns three different places on our site:

1) Album of max. 4 pictures on the dog's detail page, NO AD shown on the right side
2) On the gallery page (50 random photos are shown)
3) On the start page (1 random photo is shown)

The following examples will show you how your photos will look:

1) 2) 3)

To order your advertisement, please fill in the FORM below and submit.
If your ad is accepted, you will get a confirmation email and an invoice as soon as possible. The invoice will be issued via PayPal. There is no need to be a PayPal member, any commonly accepted credit card will also do.

Submit Form for Photo Ad

1) The presentation of your photos will be as shown (see examples) above.
2) In the galleries the photos are shown in reduced size, clicking on the photo the full size photo will open, clicking on the name the detail page is shown.
3) Max. size: 5 MB (png, jpg, jpeg und gif-Files are permitted)
4) Text: only 1 line please - photos are sorted automatically, therefore if you want them in chronological order, please put the year at the beginning of the text
5) We reserve the right to decline ads without being obliged to give reasons for this decision.
6) This ad is valid for the period of a year from the date it is published. After that the ad will be removed without further notice to the owner, unless I get the request and payment for prolonging it.
7) The price for this ad is as shown in the list of prices above. The list of prices is part of this agreement and will apply in the current version until further amendment.