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Euro Dog Show 2016 Brussels - 25.08.2016
Judge: Laurent Pichard, Switzerland

Dogs Puppy Class:
    Meldor-Sett Royal Gem    very promising 1    Puppy BOB

Dogs Junior Class:
    King Anakin Skywalker von der Guldegg    excellent 3    
    Latin Lover The Road Of Dreams    excellent 2    
    Severus Snape Elater Polonica    excellent    
    Sheradin's Star Jack Daniel's    very good    
    Sheradin's Star Jim Beam    excellent 1    
    Vanquish Not At All    excellent 4    

Dogs Intermediate Class:
    Fairray Xorbitant    excellent 2    
    Fairray Xtravaganza    excellent 1    

Dogs Open Class:
    Blue Baltic's Rocks Off Your Sox    excellent 1    Res. CACIB, Res. CAC
    Fairray QuoVadis    excellent 3    
    Sheradin's Star Baileys    excellent 2    

Dogs Working Class:
    Artush Mandygold    excellent 1    

Dogs Champion Class:
    Blue Baltic's Ultra Sonic Bullet    excellent 1    CACIB, CAC
    Famous Fred on Fire von der Guldegg    excellent    
    Fanchon Paints It Black Jack    excellent 3    
    Set'r Ridge's National Reckoning    excellent 2    
    Victor's Very Valentino Simarilion    excellent 4    

Dogs Veteran Class:
    Fairray Countdown    excellent 2    
    Lorien July Sunburst    excellent 3    
    Set'r Ridge's Straight Flush    excellent 1    BOS, BOB Veteran

Bitches Junior Class:
    Double Dream Diamond For Fairray    excellent 2    
    Fairray A Million Dollar Babe    very good 4    
    Latin Lover Miss Marple At Toklarama's    excellent 3    

Bitches Intermediate Class:
    Lymarkos Brigitte Bardot    excellent 1    

Bitches Open Class:
    Fanchon Lady Sings The Blues Misty    excellent 3    
    Ilary Della Cruismany    excellent 2    
    Sheradin's Star Black Velvet For Arisland    excellent 1    Res. CACIB, Res. CAC

Bitches Working Class:
    Macarena de los Vitorones    excellent 2    
    Tillia Simarilion    excellent 1    

Bitches Champion Class:
    Bournefield Lady Letice    excellent 3    
    Dunley Nothing Compares to You    excellent 4    
    Fairray Unforgettable You Are    excellent    
    Latin Lover Michaela    excellent 1    BOB, CACIB, CAC
    Latin Lover Snow on Sahara    excellent 2    
    Laura Liwia Elater Polonica    excellent    

Bitches Veteran Class:
    Affinity To My Heart von der Guldegg    excellent 2    
    Natural Beauty Elater Polonica    excellent 3    
    Silvanus Penelope    excellent 1    

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