Coefficients of Kinship, Relationship and Inbreeding 8 Generations - C Litter

This page shows the inbreeding calculations for the Settercity C Litter. The calculations on this page are accurate to the point that they can are based upon the information in The Willie Walker Pedigrees Database.

C Litter COI 8 gen: 15.306%    medium
Sire Fanchon Call Me Maybe Kyle COI 8 gen: 14.880%    medium    
Dam Annabelle Miss of Settercity COI 8 gen: 9.452%    low    

Ancestor-Loss coefficient (ALC)

This method doesn't replace the calculation of the COI but also gives important information for the breeder. Ancestor-Loss is given when the same ancestor appears more than once in the pedigree of the dog. A 5-generations-pedigree shows 62 possible ancestors. If one of this 62 possible ancestors appears twice, the dog in question has indeed only 61 different ancestors. If 3 ancestors appear twice, this dog has indeed only 59 different ancestors. The ALC is calculated out of the nr. of the ancestors and the total nr. of possible ancestors.

# of dogs12345678
Ancestors in 8 Generations2312481425385981
Max. Ancestors in 8 Generations510248163264128256
Ancestor Loss279
Ancestor Loss in %54.71 %

Contributing Ancestors

AncestorBlood %# of appearances12345678
Fanchon Call Me Maybe Kyle5011
Annabelle Miss of Settercity5011
Fanchon Kadon's Sara Lee2511
Fanchon Sholto Royden Osmar Geezer2511
Lorien July Sunburst2511
Fanchon Return To Sender Gigi2511
Windjammer Kadon Joseph's Coat18.75211
Kadon's Hold All Bets18.75211
Kadon Seafield This Buds Forme18.74422
Set'r Ridge's Solid Gold17.1615852
Gold Rush Gold Miner Blues17.16341024
Gonna Wanna Win14.4317485
Artizoe' High Caliber12.511
Lorien Tri Lana12.511
Fanchon Feshaw Melantha Stacey12.511
Fanchon Nairn So Haslett Tucker12.511
Fanchon Kadon's Candy Man Can12.511
Fanchon Larissa on Marsden Yana12.522
Dunley Celosia So Birtle Phoebe12.511
Fanchon Rodmond Gage Lynann12.49312
Seafield Autumn Mist Of Kadon11.76231
Fieldplay's Set'r Ridge Jhahil10.9216196
Kadons Camelot Unbridled10.927142
Fanchon Yours Truly of Lynann10.92431
Kadons Agent Orange10.1415258
Fanchon Dulcia Paragon Winnie9.37211
Hemlock Lane Easy Money9.37211
Windjammer Shaded Silouette9.37211
Seafield's Holiday Huntsman9.36422
Lynanns Star Sapphire8.58743
Bludawns Just Call Me Jenny8.191385
Kadons Cherish The Spirit7.419315
Fanchon Juba at Onslow Tang6.2511
Edwardian Three Star General6.2511
Artizoe' Rosewood Cora6.2511
Khyczar's Silver Bells6.2511
Dunley Brawley On Hardwin Dougal6.2511
Honeygait Limited Edition6.2511
Lynanns Fanchon Sapphires6.24312
Kadons Dutch Treat6.2422
Kadons Smart 'N Sassy6.241248
Seafield's Bit O' Nutmeg5.856231
Windem's Sarad of Whitehouse5.8513211
Kadons Peggy Sue5.467142
Guys 'N Dolls Barrister Beau5.4613112
Seafield's Bit O'Holly II5.07945
Windem's Lotsa Dots4.6811110
Hemlock Lane Show me the Money4.68211
Windjammer's Ebony and Ivory4.68211
Wyndswept's Flash 'O Hemlock LN4.68211
Kadons Gonna Be A Party Doll4.68211
Sevenoaks Equal Justice4.68211
Seafield's Bound To Please4.68422
Foxchapel Black Gold4.68422
Guyline's Artemis of Cymbria4.291111
Lynanns Star Bright4.29743
Clariho War Paint4.291111
Kadons Sandi of Gakenheimer3.51725
Kerryhill Lamplr Ropin' The Wind3.1211
Windems Mail Order Bride3.1211
Khyczar's Blue Fir3.1211
Sunburst Half Moon Rising3.12532
Artizoe' Power of Love3.1211
Bludawns Winter Sunstone3.1288
Edwardian Three Times A Lady3.1211
English Times Bugle Boy3.1211
Foxtract's Honeygait Alexa3.1211
Kadons Second Smart of Sassy3.1211
Fantail's Sunshine Man3.1288
Somerset Huckleberry Bey3.1211
Seafield's Holiday Spirit2.73431
Seafield's Holiday Mystique2.7377
Silver Run's Kadons Kaos Agent2.73431
Kadons Flying High2.7377
English Time's Bella Donna2.733111
Valley Run's Major Ruffin2.7377
Set'r Ridge Wyndswept in Gold2.34211
Kelyric California Sun2.34211
Hemlock Lane Joker's Wild2.34211
Set'r Ridge Windems Windsong2.34211
Windjammer's Confetti2.34211
Country Squire Chap2.34211
Hemlock Lane Lady Diana2.34422
Colthouse Count Basil1.95321
Meadowset's National Velvet1.95321
Cinema's Gone With The Wind1.9555
Lampliter Sweet Lucille1.5611
Wyncastle Affair To Remember1.5644
Kadons Essex Regale1.5611
Artizoe' Bonnie Loulou1.5611
Foxtract Driving Miss Daisy1.5611
CaRob's Twist And Shout1.5611
Sunburst Tribal Legend1.5611
Edwardian Indigo Illusion1.5611
Khyczar's Meadow Flower1.5611
Meadowset's National Anthem1.5611
Sunburst Black Velvet1.5644
Windems Devils Advocate1.5611
Chantry Sumtyme's A Gr'T Motion1.5611
Garson's Sweet Talkin' Woman1.17211
Hemlock Lane Trillium1.17211
Penmaen Back Woodsman1.17211
Fieldplay's Fleur de Rotercat1.17211
Windjammer Sylvest'R Stalone1.17211
Sunsetter's Windjammer Sas'y1.17211
Lynanns White Shadow1.17211
Kadons Set'r Ridge Tissa1.17211
Storybooks Enchantment II1.1733
Reidwood Dare To Dream1.17211
Kadons Peachie Keen1.1733
Gold Rush Gold Digger Blues1.17211
Sunburst Black Magic0.7811
Willglen's Major Motion0.7811
Seafield's Spell Bound0.7822
Kadons Promises To Keep0.7811
Foxtract's The Invincible One0.7811
Meadowset's Lillie Langtry0.7811
Lampliter April Snow0.7811
Star-Vue Sun Dust O'Silverline0.7811
Raybar's Blue Line0.7822
Windem's Honor Society0.7811
Sir Cedric's Queen Delilah0.7811
Seamrog Tyson of Palomar0.7822
Clariho Major Of Meadowset0.7822
O'Lawdy's Mark Time0.7822
Five Oakes Pistol Pete0.7822
Brasswinds Gonna Wanna Tri0.7822
Hill-N-Dale's Sir Charles0.7822
Fieldplay's Talisman Zoe0.7811
Foxtract's Bewitched0.7811
Meadowset's Dauntless0.7822
Gentry Double Trouble0.7811
B'N'W Jacob Is Best at Woodrose0.7811
Khyczar's Spot of the Tigre0.7811
Hemlock Lane Tokyo Rose0.7822
CaRob Girl's Night Out0.7811
Patience Of Whitehouse0.7822
Linwood's Legend Of Woodrose0.3911
Wesley's One For The Money0.3911
Lorien's American Gal0.3911
Woodrose Mt. Melody Bromsdale0.3911
Willglen's Vanilla Pudding0.3911
Reidwood Airs Above Ground0.3911
Aliage's Circuit Breaker0.3911
Sir Cedric's Queen Andrea0.3911
Windem's Lots More Dots0.3911
Excalibur's Exctacy Of Garson0.3911
Rogresta Lord Devereux0.3911
Abbyroad's Fly Me To The Moon0.3911
Kelvingrove N Hemlock Lane Ivy0.3911
Windem's Coat Of Many Colors0.3911
Major Winston Of Brasswinds0.3911
Windems Broken Promises0.3911
Lorien's Fire Brand0.3911
Penmaen Nutmeg And Clove0.3911
Ms. Plantagenet of Meadowset0.3911
Aliage's Verigated Illusion0.3911
Arnee's Nell'Son Of Nor'Coaster0.3911
Windem's Special Honor0.3911
Excalibur's Extempore0.3911
Gold Rush Alliance0.3911
Guys 'N Dolls Annie O'Brien0.3911