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World Dog Show 2012 Salzburg - 18.05.2012
Judge: Jelka Simcic, SLO

Dogs Junior Class:

    Veni Vidi Vici of Slow Fox    excellent 2    
    Blue Baltic's On a Glam Rock High    very good    
    Honored Prophet Horatio von der Guldegg    excellent 4    
    Gentle Heartbreaker von der Guldegg    good    
    Blue Baltic's Rocks Off Your Sox    excellent    
    Latin Lover Cider Cup    excellent 3    
    Saltwater Heart of a Lion    excellent 1    Junior World Winner

Dogs Intermediate Class:

    Famous Fred on Fire von der Guldegg    excellent 1    CACA, Res. CACIB
    Fabulous Guy in Love with Dorea    very good 4    
    Amarcord Thiss    excellent 3    
    Blue Baltic's Buffalo Bill    excellent 2    Res. CACA

Dogs Open Class:

    Arno    excellent 2    Res. CACA
    Fanchon Paints It Black Jack    excellent 1    CACA, CACIB World W
    Fanchon Kadon's Candy Man Can    very good    
    Charming Vagabonds Azzuro-Blue    very good    
    Fanchon Heart of Gold Liam    excellent 4    
    Latin Lover High Dreamer in Gold    very good    
    Upperwood Snow Patrol    very good    
    Adventure Amande Paramita    good    
    Trabeiz Chebaco Goin' The Distance    excellent 3    
    Fairray JetBomber    very good    
    Fairray Gladiator    very good    
    Latin Lover Fields of Gold    very good    

Dogs Working Class:

    Gerry    very good    
    Silvanus Quirin    excellent 4    
    Fairray Family Man    excellent 1    CACA
    Silver Fog Velure    excellent 3    
    Geo della Bassana    excellent 2    Res. CACA

Dogs Champion Class:

    Open Your Heart of Slow Fox    excellent    
    Quite A Star Venatrisett    excellent    
    Elitiste Mr Rodney von der Guldegg    excellent 2    Res. CACA
    Yasper's Lucky Spirit von der Guldegg    excellent 3    
    Blue Baltic's Face Maker    excellent 1    CACA
    Fairray Countdown    excellent    
    Kirk del Bianco Arancio    excellent    
    Silver Fog Joseph Lion Heart    very good    
    Latin Lover The Boss    excellent    
    Set'r Ridge's Delivering The Dream    excellent 4    
    Silver Fog Vernisazh    very good    

Dogs Veteran Class:

    Fair Replay of Casandra's Home    excellent 1    Veteran World Winner
    Blue Baltic's Ice Artist Victor    excellent 2    

Bitches Junior Class:

    Laura Liwia Elater Polonica    excellent 2    
    Gillian Leigh Anderson von der Guldegg    very good    
    Abbigail Pride of Summerhill    excellent 3    
    Genesis Rebecca von der Guldegg    very good    
    Fanchon You Have Got What It Takes    excellent 1    Junior World Winner
    Hazel Heavenly Heart von der Guldegg    excellent 4    
    Galaxy SueEllen von der Guldegg    excellent    

Bitches Intermediate Class:

    Fanchon Return To Sender Gigi    excellent 4    
    Fay Legend in Tri von der Guldegg    excellent 1    CACA
    Upperwood Attitude    excellent 3    
    Wonderful Witch from the Patrician    excellent 2    Res. CACA

Bitches Open Class:

    Charming Vagabonds Cecillea-Calla    excellent 1    CACA, Res. CACIB
    Seaset Silver Snowwhite    excellent    
    Charming Vagabonds Bellissima    very good    
    Natural Beauty Elater Polonica    very good    
    Nattaset Exotic Dancer    excellent 4    
    Blue Baltic's Valse Lyrique    excellent 3    
    Xmas Fancy Surprise von der Guldegg    excellent    
    Charming Vagabonds Catalina    very good    
    Fairray Holiday Surprise    very good    
    Fairray Kissproof    excellent 2    Res. CACA
    Upperwood Made for    excellent    

Bitches Working Class:

    Dolly    excellent 1    CACA, CACIB World W
    Latin Lover Madeleine    good    
    Quendra Rachel of Meadow's Brook    excellent 2    Res. CACA

Bitches Champion Class:

    Charming Vagabonds Adventure-Paulina    excellent 3    
    Blue Baltic's Crystal Star    excellent    
    Nadine Elater Polonica    excellent    
    Miss Mamba Venatrisett    excellent    
    Sunflame Coloured Peaces of a Dream    excellent 2    Res. CACA
    Set'r Ridge's I'm Fleet    excellent 1    CACA
    Queen Victoria Venatrisett    excellent 4    
    Aerden's Set'r Ridge Golden Fate    excellent    
    You Make No Mistake von der Guldegg    excellent    
    Blue Baltic's Baby Face    very good    

Bitches Veteran Class:

    U Cross My Heart Joanne von der Guldegg    excellent 2    
    Laura    excellent 1    Veteran World Winner

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