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World Dog Show 2015 Milano - 11.06.2015
Judge: Abele Barbati, Italy

Dogs Junior Class:

    Io di Val Cervo    excellent 1    
    Ettore Cagnazzi Di Corso Giuseppe Mazzini 98    very good 2    
    Latin Lover X Factor    very good 3    
    Miro    very good 4    

Dogs Open Class:

    Remo della Bassana    excellent 1    BOS, CAC, CACIB
    Fairray Unobtainable Utopia    excellent 2    res. CAC, res. CACIB
    Amarcord Thiss    excellent 3    
    Cyrus Of Hunting House Pajkic    excellent 4    
    Charming Vagabonds Fantasy on Stage    very good    
    Eber Della Bassana    very good    
    Fairray QuoVadis    very good    
    Hako Della Bassana    very good    
    Inoke Del Cevoli    very good    
    Latin Lover Fields of Gold    very good    
    Vito Della Bassana    very good    
    Blue Baltic's Guitar Hero    very good    
    Set'r Ridge's National Reckoning    very good    

Dogs Working Class:

    Didu' di Val Cervo    excellent 1    CAC
    Dem    excellent 2    res. CAC
    Acky Della Bassana    excellent 3    
    Deco Dei Laderchi    excellent 4    
    Billy della Bassana    very good    
    Vitantonio    very good    

Dogs Champion Class:

    Blue Baltic's Lawrence of Arabia    excellent 1    
    Spark della Bassana    excellent 2    
    Set'r Ridge's Straight Flush    excellent 3    
    Kirk del Bianco Arancio    excellent 4    
    Acca Di Val Cervo    excellent    
    Latin Lover Deep Secret    excellent    
    Botero    excellent    
    Axel    very good    
    Brick del Cevoli    very good    
    Jaco Della Bassana    very good    
    Kalio De Los Vitorones    very good    
    Fearless-Hunter Beauty of Gordon    very good    
    Princess Pride Texas    very good    

Dogs Veteran Class:

    Fairray Countdown    excellent 1    Vet. BOB
    Geo della Bassana    excellent 2    
    Gerry    excellent 3    
    Virus del Forte Degenfeld    very good 4    
    Ali    very good    

Bitches Puppy Class:

    Perla    promising 1    

Bitches Junior Class:

    Miranda Fiore Bis Di Corso Giuseppe Mazzini 98    excellent 1    
    Charming Vagabonds Glamour Girl    excellent 2    
    Latin Lover Not Conventional Beauty    very good 3    
    Fairray Wagtail    very good 4    

Bitches Intermediate Class:

    Fairray Unforgettable You Are    excellent 1    CAC, CACIB, BOB
    Demianna Of Hunting House Pajkic    excellent 2    
    Nala    excellent 3    
    Sheradin's Star Blue Curacao    excellent 4    

Bitches Open Class:

    Fairray Tequila    excellent 1    CAC, res. CACIB
    Hara Della Bassana    excellent 2    
    Iride Del Cevoli    excellent 3    
    Pina Della Bassana    excellent 4    
    Sheradin's Star Black Velvet For Arisland    very good    
    Fanchon Lady Sings The Blues Misty    very good    
    Havanna Des Sous Bois St Jerome    very good    
    Nikoletta de los Vitorones    very good    
    Cara Della Bassana    good    

Bitches Working Class:

    Dyana Della Bassana    excellent 1    CAC
    Inger Del Cevoli    excellent 2    res. CAC
    Libra Dei Laderchi    excellent 3    
    Ginevra    excellent    
    Raya    excellent    
    Briony del Cavaldrossa    very good    
    Calla Della Bassana    very good    

Bitches Champion Class:

    Marlie Della Bassana    excellent 1    
    Esthete 'N' Topsails The Fairy Queen    excellent 2    
    Latin Lover Michaela    excellent 3    
    Aba Di Val Cervo    excellent 4    
    Gillian Leigh Anderson von der Guldegg    excellent    

Bitches Veteran Class:

    Kellj della Bassana    excellent 1    Vet. BOS

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