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World Dog Show 2017 Leipzig - 09.11.2017
Judge: Dr. Oezkanal Uemit, TR

Dogs Puppy Class:
    Lucksheray Be My Only One    promising    

Dogs Junior Class:
    Belton Pearls Averna Blue    very good    
    Blue Moment's Legend Of Golden League    excellent 4    
    Cale de las Cumbres de Jacaranda    excellent    
    Fairray Humpty Dumpty    excellent    
    Fantail's Legends Never Die    excellent 1    JCAC
    Lego Amazes Me Simarilion    very good    
    Lucksheray From Rolex    excellent 2    res JCAC
    Prince William From Morrison    excellent 3    
    Vanquish Obstruction    excellent    

Dogs Intermediate Class:
    Aslan Like an Angel Royal Setter    excellent 2    res CAC
    Fairray Don Quixotte    excellent 3    
    Fairray Give Me Five    excellent 1    CAC, resCACIB
    Meldor-Sett Royal Gem    very good 4    

Dogs Open Class:
    Kadon Here's Dunley Charismatic    very good 1    
    Lucksheray Raisin    very good    
    Severus Snape Elater Polonica    very good 3    
    Sheradin's Star Baileys    very good 4    
    Wandsfell Make Me Happy    very good 2    

Dogs Working Class:
    Fairray Balls of Fire    excellent 2    res CAC
    Latin Lover Drummer Boy    excellent 1    CAC
    Latin Lover The Road Of Dreams    excellent 3    
    Silvanus Tiziano-Tullio    excellent 4    
    Windsong AGE Darion    very good    

Dogs Champion Class:
    Aiden Mister of Settercity    excellent    
    Blue Baltic's Lawrence of Arabia    excellent 2    res CAC
    Blue Baltic's Ultra Sonic Bullet    excellent 1    Worldwinner, BOB, CAC, CACIB
    Dunley Lean on Me Yaden    excellent    
    Elitiste Mr Rodney von der Guldegg    excellent 3    
    Fanchon Call Me Maybe Kyle    excellent    
    Latin Lover The Secret Adversary    excellent    
    Lovefinder Logan Ravandlil    excellent    
    Princess Pride It's My Life    excellent 4    
    Princess Pride Texas    excellent    
    Silver Fog Joseph Lion Heart    excellent    
    Victor's Very Valentino Simarilion    excellent    

Dogs Veteran Class:
    Acrux Grey Shadow of Imladris    excellent 2    resVCAC
    Charming Vagabonds Atlantis-Dream    excellent 3    
    Oreste of Meadow's Brook    excellent 4    
    Quite A Star Venatrisett    excellent 1    VCAC

Bitches Puppy Class:
    Latin Lover J'adore    promising    

Bitches Junior Class:
    Valtidonensis Nikita    good    
    Belton Pearls Awake Beauty    very good    
    Fairray Honky Tonk Woman    very good    
    Fanchon Live Is Life Selah Sue    very good    
    Fantail's I'm A Legend    excellent 1    JCAC
    Limba Amazes Me Simarilion    excellent 2    res JCAC
    Lucksheray Fly Of Butterfly    very good    
    New O'Malley's Exciting Miss Odile    excellent 4    
    Our Broadway Melody von der Guldegg    very good    

Bitches Intermediate Class:
    Arcyksiezna Aurora Venatrisett    excellent 3    
    Aurelia the Warrior Royal Setter    very good    
    Edenbridge National Song    excellent 1    CAC
    Meldor-Sett Rock 'N Roll Dream    very good 4    

Bitches Open Class:
    Gianna Beauty of Gordon    very good    
    Keep Lovingme Patch von der Guldegg    very good    
    Latin Lover Miss Marple At Toklarama's    excellent 4    
    Lymarkos Brigitte Bardot    excellent 3    
    Princess Pride Follow Your Heart    very good    
    Sheradin's Star Blue Curacao    excellent 2    res CAC
    Silver Fog Listen To Me    excellent 1    CAC

Bitches Working Class:
    Macarena de los Vitorones    excellent 2    res CAC
    Tillia Simarilion    excellent 1    res CAC, CACIB

Bitches Champion Class:
    Areta Od Vistuckeho Potoka    excellent 2    res CAC
    Bajka Venatrisett    very good    
    Dunley Nothing Compares to You    excellent 1    World Winner, BOS, CAC, CACIB
    Fairray Unforgettable You Are    very good    
    Latin Lover Michaela    excellent 3    
    Lucksheray Rocksolana    very good    
    Sett Patrol's Dazzling Smile    excellent    
    Sheradin's Star Black Velvet For Arisland    excellent 4    
    Sheradin's Star Bushmills    excellent    
    Wyndswept's Hold Onto Your Heart Of Fairray    excellent    

Bitches Veteran Class:
    Curly Sue Beauty of Gordon    very good 3    
    Miss Mamba Venatrisett    excellent 1    Vet BOB, VCAC
    Savannah of Meadows Brook    very good 2    

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