World Dog Show 2021 Brno - 01.10.2021
    Judge: Hana Kunfalvi, CZ
    Dogs Junior Class:
        Make a Wish Kennel Make a Wish Amato Mio    very good    
        Dawning Sky Bellicose Vilan    very good    
        Lymarkos Donald Duck Dzetyrek    excellent 4    
        Clos Erasmus Don't Believe Me Just Watch    excellent 2    
        Lucksheray Number One    excellent 3    
        Gordon Hall Bourbon Whiskey    excellent 1    CAJC, BOJ, Junior World Winner
        Jolie od Mlázovické Tvrze    very good    

    Dogs Intermediate Class:
        Rijani's Phillip Phantom of the Opera    very good    

    Dogs Open Class:
        Claudius Cacharel Lymarkos    very good    
        Fairray 'N Wingfield Midsummer Night Dream    excellent 4    
        Silver Fog Foxtrot    excellent 2    res. CAC, res. CACIB
        Silver Fog Freestyle    excellent 3    
        Kentavros Fivos of Lucksheray    excellent 1    CAC, BOB, CACIB, World Winner
        Lucksheray Pure Soul    excellent    

    Dogs Working Class:
        Dawning Sky Angel Love    very good 4    
        Windsong AGE Darion    very good    
        Garis od Mlazovicke tvrze    very good    
        Slash Morrison    excellent 3    
        Symphony of Colours Shadow Dog    excellent 1    CAC
        Trin    very good    
        Usher Lenox Morrison    excellent 2    res. CAC

    Dogs Champion Class:
        Lymarkos Cricket Jumbo Bednar    excellent 1    CAC
        Lego Amazes Me Simarilion    excellent 2    res. CAC
        Prince Phillip From Morrison    excellent 4    
        Prince William From Morrison    excellent    
        Set Fire To The Rain Shadow Dog    excellent 3    
        Severus Snape Elater Polonica    excellent    

    Dogs Veteran Class:
        Latin Lover Drummer Boy    excellent 1    BOV, World Veteran Winner

    Females Puppy Class:
        Latin Lover Time Switch    very promising 1    World Promise

    Females Junior Class:
        Fyiorea Marrone Davaroni    very good    
        Rijani's Purple Rain    excellent 2    
        Raphia Starring in Simarilion    excellent 3    
        Fairray you are all I ever wanted    excellent 4    
        Fairray Zero Zero Nine    excellent 1    CAJC, World Junior Winner

    Females Intermediate Class:
        Windsong AGE Ella Esmeralda    excellent    
        Penkivil Hats Off    excellent 1    CAC

    Females Open Class:
        Expensive Stone Achát    excellent 2    res. CAC
        Bhanumati for Simarilion Black White Passion    excellent 1    CAC
        Darcy Miss of Settercity    very good    
        Fairray Promising The World    excellent 3    
        Sheila Morrison    excellent 4    

    Females Champion Class:
        Expensive Stone Amazonit    excellent 4    
        Gordon Hall Yamaha    excellent 3    
        Arcyksiezna Aurora Venatrisett    very good    
        Lymarkos Coco Chanel    excellent 1    CAC, BOS, CACIB, World Winner
        Latin Lover Miss Marple At Toklarama's    excellent 2    res. CAC, res. CACIB
        Latin Lover Baltic Breeze    excellent    

    Females Veteran Class:
        Annabelle Miss of Settercity    excellent 3    
        Eimee od Mlazovicke Tvrze    excellent 4    
        Sett Patrol's Dazzling Smile    excellent 1    World Veteran Winner
        Tillia Simarilion    excellent 2    

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