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Would you like to be listed in our Breeder Directory and have your contact data (website, e-mail, phone) shown on every dog's detailed page where you are the breeder?
Publish your contact data on The Willie Walker English Setter Database, which is used frequently world wide to obtain English Setter information.

Our offer concerns the following places on our site:
1) Entry in the Breeder Directory (shows your name, kennel name and contact data searchable by name, kennel or country)
2) On every dog's detail page that lists you as breeder/owner

The following examples will show you how your announcement will look like:

1) Breeder Directory

2) Detail Page

To order your advertisement, please fill in the FORM below and submit.
If your ad is accepted, you will get a confirmation email and if applicable an invoice as soon as possible. The invoice will be issued via PayPal. There is no need to be a PayPal member, any commonly accepted credit card will also do.
If there are missing details or certificates you will receive an e-mail asking for this.

Price List

You will get a discount price if you order more than 1 ad, for details please choose from the drop down lists.
For every purchase you will get a detailed invoice.

Breeder Directory:

* If you are a member and enter and link your dogs yourself you do not pay for your contact data on the dogs' detailed sites, only for the entry in the breeder directory!

Stud Dog:


Available Dogs/Rescue:

Photo Gallery:

Conditions for Breeder Ad

1) We reserve the right not to accept ads without being obliged to give reasons for this decision.
2) The entry in the Breeder Directory and/or your contact data on the dog's detailed page will be as shown (see examples) above. All basic info is retrieved from the database, any additional info please fill in this form.
3) This ad is valid for the period of 1 year from the date it is published. After that the ad will be removed without further notice to the breeder, unless I get the request and payment for renewing it.
4) Please notify me immediately about any changes that concern your contact data (website, email, phone) as long as your ad is published or you think it is necessary.
5) All above mentioned data are strictly the responsibility of the breeder who is submitting the information. The Willie Walker English Setter Database is not liable for any wrong, falsified or misleading information as all is published in good faith.
6) The right to take legal action is expressly reserved if deliberately wrong information is submitted.
7) The price for this ad is as shown in the list of prices above. The list of prices is part of this agreement and will apply in the current version until further amendment.
8) Any disputes resulting from any information on The Willie Walker English Setter Database site will be settled in accordance with Austrian law. The appropriate Austrian court of jurisdiction is located in Wiener Neustadt.

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