COI (Coefficient of Inbreeding)
COI or IC (Inbreeding Coefficient) is the probability of having two copies of the same gene because of common ancestry between the sire and the dam lineages. It can be two copies of a recessive gene or two copies of a dominant gene. Every individual normally gets 50% of its genes from each parent. However two full siblings may not get the same subset of genes from a given parent so the heritage of full siblings can range from identical to as diverse as the heritage of the parents. The only sure thing is that a given offspring has 1/2 of each of its parents genes. This is why sire & daughter - dam & son breedings consistently reveal a lot more about recessive genes than brother to sister breedings or more distant breedings.
The COI increases with the number of generations considered. From 3 to 5 to 8 to 10... each jump considers exponentially more animals. Where you have a popular stud or limited foundation pool, it's amazing how many repeats can occur in some animals, please look at Example 1), 2) and 3) COI of Willie Walker! The Willie Walker Pedigrees Database includes more than 100.000 pedigrees, my own focus is/was - naturally - to research the ancestors of my own dogs - so in the 8 generation pedigree of Willie Walker only 4! dogs are missing.
Example 1)
COI: 1.03567%
Number of generations=8
Total number of unique ancestors=260
Total number of ancestors=506
Total number of possible ancestors=510

Example 2)
COI: 3.39425%
Number of generations=12
Total number of unique ancestors=971
Total number of ancestors=7711
Total number of possible ancestors=8190

Example 3)
COI: 10.5774%
Number of generations=18
Total number of unique ancestors=3473
Total number of ancestors=452965
Total number of possible ancestors=524286

Due to the great support I got from the following members we can calculate COI (based on Wright's formula) online again :)

Sherri Doratti
Heitor Daguer
Frank Luksa
Richard Scott
Emanuele Salini
Marc Mombaers
Şorsteinn Friğriksson
Jill Warren
Karen Strohmeyer
Solon Rhode
Veronica Harrington
Mike Brown
Larry Owens
Shelley Gillis
Katja Beck
John Cox
Frank Kroeze
Cathy Brewer
Gail Manning
Margo Lipipipatvong
Peri Gebicki
Walter Lesser
Cliff & Lisa Weisse
Mardi Hockenberry
Sheree Hale
Jason Hunt
Sheila Flynn
Sharon Horton
Justina Jazdauskaite
Karin Steinhübel
Marzio Panattoni
Merete Kilde Kulsveen
Thomas Leverence
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