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I have dreamed of the most comprehensive English Setter database available, but I could not do it alone. Thanks to the following for helping to make The Willie Walker English Setter Database what it is today.

        Anita Aronsson        Stephen Bell        Chris Bird        Linda Carroll
        Mary Coldiron        Boy de Bok        Sherri Doratti        Urszula Glinka
        Fridvin Gudmundsson        Annette Hurst        Kätlin Kaldoja        Marjolein Kamman
        Jim Kleve        Frank Kroeze        Alida Kuiper        Merete Kilde Kulsveen
        Svein Kvåle        Magnus Lilja        Ed Morgan        Franjo Nordmann
        Frank-Tommy Olsen        Ilse Rosner        Emanuele Salini        Timea Szõke
        Michelle Tavano        Kate Thomson        Sylvia Tucker        Beatrix van Kampen
        Lorelei Windhorn        Agnieszka Wykner        Jørn Henning Wølner        Marita Zwart
     In Memoriam
        Dick Fox        Bruni Ostermaier


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