New Version Online - pedigrees4you 2.0

A New Version with a lot of New Features - availibility depends on your Membership:

Last Updated: Apr 1 2018

COI - Genomic Relationships

To determine the COI we use from now on Genomic Relationships. Models that include genomic relationships can predict genetic effects more accurately than those that use expected relationships from pedigrees. Relationship matrices can estimate the expected fraction of genes identical by descent, the actual fraction of DNA shared, or the fraction of alleles shared for loci that affect a particular trait. Each may be a valid answer to the question 'Are two individuals related?' The COI & Ancestor Analysis now has a link to the above mentioned matrix. As we have a lot of dogs with the same name in the database, I use the database IDs for the calculation. Attached a very simple matrix from Moll II, whose grandparents were on both sides Ponto and Old Moll. The last row and the last column show the details of this particular dog. Her COI is 0.25 * 100 (see red arrow). Make frequent use of this valuable tool for breeders - of course, like the rest of the Analysis tools only available if you are logged in.

Last Updated: Mar 20 2017

Facebook Comments

Below each dog's pedigree there is now an option to post a facebook comment about this dog - you need a facebook account and you must be logged in to post and reply, you can check the box on the left to publish this comment in facebook, too

Last Updated: Feb 26 2017

NEW fast Search

To quickly search a dog by name I put a new search field right below the header - just start typing, after 3 letters the search will show results, click on a dog will open its detail page!

Last Updated: Nov 11 2016

EDS 2016 - Brussels

European Dog Show 2016 in Brussels
Registered Users have a link to the results of the EDS 2016, all dogs with a link to their pedigrees. For those who want to see the photos from the Show, please go to Mike Brown's fantastic Slideshow - 217 pictures!

Last Updated: Sep 10 2016

Field Trials Results

New Feature: Field Trials and Field Trial Results can be added to the database. There is a new item in the menu, every one can see the Field Trial Results Table.
Moderators and Adminstrators can add Field Trials and the results.
Logged in users have access to a new tab on the dog's Detail Page showing the results of this dog. Click here for Shadow Oak Bo's results.
Just like the Shows this is an option for my users to enter their dogs' results, to present them together with the pedigree to the many visitors we have.
If someone has excel files or any other tables with Field Trial Results, I can import them to the database!

Last Updated: Aug 25 2016

Statistics are improved

Top 10 Sire/Dam can be shown Global or by Period
Hips Results Statistics with some background info
Advanced Info now also shows the percentage of BAER and hips

Last Updated: Aug 15 2016

New Server - New email adresses

We are very glad to inform you that moving the database to the new server has worked without any problems.
Since moving the database is ways faster, and now we know for sure that it wasn't the new coding that had made it so slow, on the contrary, we are faster than ever before :) The url has not changed:
The email addresses have changed to:

The new emails are also valid for any PayPal donations.

Last Updated: Aug 05 2016

Some improvements

Finally nothing more is left of the old "dogarchive" architecture - we now use our own "pedigrees4you" software. Most of the changes have been implemented already over the last months, so only 2 major improvements are worth mentioning:
  • Online Editing is possible in most tables for registered Moderators and Administrators
  • Ancestor Analysis and COI are calculated much faster

  • Last Updated: May 19 2016

    Settercity Kennel has a new website

    You will find us now on, now also optimized for cells or tablets.
    A lot of the info shown there (e.g. pedigrees, Show results) I take from this database. On the one hand I reduce time and effort by typing the same info only ONCE, on the other hand I lower the error rate. Please let me know if you think that would look great on your website, too.

    Last Updated: Mar 13 2016

    Willie Walker goes mobile

    It was high time to develop a responsive version for the Willie Walker Pedigrees Database. You can now use it on your cells or tablets in an adjusted user interface. For those who still miss a lot of features since the last major update in July 2015: You must LOG IN to find them all again, the info shown to visitors is deliberately kept short!

    Last Updated: Jan 08 2016

    English Setter Fanciers vs. Epilepsy

    English Setter Fanciers are calling for everyone around the World who agree that DNA markers are the key to trying to eliminate or at best curtail epilepsy in the breed to donate to this fundraiser to send funds for further research to the University of Missouri who have been working tirelessly to find markers in many breeds, to now, also focus on English Setters. 

    Click here to go to the fundraiser site

    Last Updated: Oct 28 2015

    The Pedigrees Blog - Our new Blog

    For all pedigree database enthousiasts we started a new web blog, The PedigreesBlog.
    Working with pedigree databases is a multilayer task, with emphasis on

    x) where do I get the studbook entries of my breed without paying tons of money
    x) having entered lots of data, how to evaluate those data
    x) writing and changing code to present our databases online in an attractive and userfriendly way

    We have been working in this area for more than ten years and we want to share our knowledge with you.
    We started with some basic info and will continue with new articles, downloads and interesting weblinks on a regular base.

    Last Updated: Oct 22 2015

    We are online again with all features

    The database moved to a new server and I made some small modifications. Most of them you will not even notice, IMPORTANT is the new authorization scheme:

    Visitors have a very limited access to the basic functions, search and view dogs and persons.
    Registered Users can use the database to the same extent as the old version without login.
    and Administrators can add/edit/delete dogs, persons and shows and have more search options.

    I changed the old accounts to a Moderator or Administrator account for members who have entered and modified dogs, to a User account for all others.

    Your login data are still valid, if you forgot your password, please do not request a new account, use the "Password forgotten" link, it works :)

    I tested everything extensively, but you know, in the sandbox you never catch all bugs, so please inform me about any errors.

    Have fun
    Andrea & Willie Walker

    Last Updated: Jul 26 2015

    Milano WDS 2015

    The results and almost all pedigrees of the English Setters in Milano are online. click here

    Last Updated: Jul 16 2015

    140000 Pedigrees

    are online!

    Last Updated: Jul 04 2015

    NHSB English Setters complete

    The first studbook in my collection is complete - the Dutch NHSB!
    Thanks to Sylvia Tucker, Marita Zwart and Beatrix vanKampen for sending me those files

    Last Updated: Jun 16 2015

    Show Results - NEW FEATURE

    Now users can add Show Results!
    The results are shown to everyone in a searchable table and on the dog's detail page.
    An opportunity to show how successful your dog is, but even more I would very much appreciate to have historical events recorded here.
    Due to lacking the time I will NOT enter any results but those of my own dogs - and maybe some special events like EDS or WDS, but I hope you all will use this new feature frequently.

    Last Updated: Feb 15 2015

    Picture Gallery online

    Feature Your Dogs in our Gallery on three different places:

    1) Album of max. 6 pictures on the dog's detail page, NO AD shown on the right side
    2) On the gallery page (50 random photos are shown)
    3) On the start page (1 random photo is shown)

    Last Updated: Nov 06 2014

    130000 pedigrees

    10000 new pedigrees entered in 4 months - way to go!

    Last Updated: Jun 08 2014

    Happy Birthday

    Finally the "Birthday of today" dog is back again, by chance all dogs with a picture born on this day are shown on the front page! Optionally I can decide that only one or more appointed dogs appear on a certain day, please let me know if you want your dog promoted on his birthday

    Last Updated: May 12 2014

    Help tutorials are online

    for new members and for old members - we live and learn,

    for visitors - to see all possibilities this database offers and maybe the trigger to become a member

    Please go to HELP and have a look at it!

    Last Updated: Feb 15 2014

    120000 pedigrees

    It took us not even 10 months to enter the next 10000 dogs since April last year. As my time is limited due to the litter, my new puppy and preparations for the new house, I want to thank my members, who entered a lot of them!

    Last Updated: Feb 02 2014

    Deleting Dogs

    A short note to the member who deleted Ch. Fieldplay's Set'r Ridge Jhahil: It took me not even 5 minutes to restore the data, including 150 offspring. I would have appreciated if he/she had told me about this mistake and not finding it doing my weekly database checks. I do not know who it was, so in order to prevent such situations again, I wrote a little code to show me in future who deleted which dogs, and I will either disable the "delete function" for this user or disable the account, if a dog is deleted without reason!

    Last Updated: Jan 10 2014

    Pictures height

    PICTURES are automatically resized - no need for you or me to resize them manually anymore - please keep in mind that our visitors are most interested in the dog and not in the landscape or handler or ......

    Last Updated: Jan 05 2014

    Personal Message System

    A little Christmas/New Year present for my dedicated users and for myself: For logged in users a new Personal Message System is available.

    You have a new link in the "Members Menu" for your Personal Messages
    When you get a message, you are immediately informed by a new blue button appearing in the header
    On the dog's detail page you see creator and last modifier in the upper left corner - you can send a PM to those members directly - the user and as title the dog's name are already filled in for you
    Please try it out and let me know if you like it, you can send me a PM!!!

    I would have loved to give this opportunity to ALL visitors of the database, but due to the lot of spammers who diligently use every not secured field to send their BS I had to limit it to registered users. If you want to "chat" with us, use the form below and become a member!

    Last Updated: Jan 02 2014

    Ads for breeders, studs, litters and available dogs

    Present your announcements on The Willie Walker Pedigrees Database, which is used frequently world wide to obtain English Setter information.

    Would you like to be listed in our Breeder Directory and have your contact data (website, e-mail, phone) shown on every dog's detailed page where you are the breeder? click here!
    Would you like to inform people thatbyour dog is available for stud services click here!
    or that your litter has arrived? click here!
    or about a dog for sale? click here!
    or a dog who needs a new home? click here!

    Last Updated: Jun 28 2013

    Dog Detail Page updated

    Right above the pedigree you can switch between 5 different views, the pedigree analyses is now (just like the medical data) below the dog data and the COI is shown in the Pedigree.
    The Pedigree displays the standard view.
    The Inbreeding Pedigree displays ancestors which appear more than once in a pedigree, each in a different color.
    The Vertical Pedigree lists for each ancestor the full siblings with important medical information.
    The Reverse Pedigree will show you all the offspring, the offspring's offspring, etc. of the selected dog. Be careful how many generations you select for this. With some of the popular sires, this display can become quite large. A dog without offspring will NOT show this view!
    The Detailed Breeding Info lists the most important data, sire, dam and each litter they have produced in date order with the mate and offspring, furthermore the full siblings and half-siblings both on sire's and dam's side of the selected dog.

    Last Updated: Jun 21 2013

    Offspring details and Person page updated

    On the dog detail page there is now a link to offspring details right beyond the offspring - it gives a nice overview over all litters. Thanks to Sylvia Tucker from the Weimaraner database for sharing this script with us.
    On the person page the dogs are now shown with more details: gender, year of birth and parents

    Last Updated: Jun 19 2013

    English Setter Kennel of SetterCity

    Please have a look at our new Kennel website English Setter Kennel of SetterCity

    Last Updated: Jun 05 2013

    3 Milestones

    3 milestones reached in the last week:
    110.000 pedigrees
    10.000 pictures
    10.000 dogs entered by Emanuele Salini from Italy, who was the first member to join 5 years ago. Since then he has constantly contributed to the database and he has become a dear friend to me. Mille Grazie

    Last Updated: Apr 07 2013

    COI Calculation

    COI Calculation is online - you will find 3 new links on the right side just above the pedigree, for 8, 9 and 10 generations. These calculations are very complex, so the page might take longer to load than other pages, especially the 10 generations.
    To make it even better: the COI results (for 8 generations) are now written to the database - so we can show them in the Testmating and in the "Pedigree with more information". The link to calculate COI is in the detailed view, when there is already a COI you can calculate it again, this is only necessary if you have added ancestors to this dog. This works both for members and visitors!!!
    Additionally the Hip Results were added to the Testmating.
    Making it a little bit faster the "Mating Partners" will only show in the "Pedigree with more information"

    Last Updated: Mar 22 2013

    New Features

    "Who is online" can be viewed in the header
    Pedigree Submit Form improved (now you can type all your info in a pedigree template)
    Longevity Statistic
    Top 10 Sires/Dams is improved (Ranking and sire and dam are added)

    Last Updated: Jan 26 2013

    Health Reports

    Health Reports are online - As promised I started uploading Health Reports - above the pedigree, in the right corner, there is now a link "View Health Reports" referring to this dog's reports. This link only appears if reports are available

    Last Updated: Dec 30 2012

    100.000 Pedigrees

    100.000 Pedigrees online - 5 years after going online with this database I am very proud to announce that 100.000 pedigrees are online.
    I use this occasion to thank you all very much, for entering dogs, for sending me pictures and pedigree files,... Only with the help of so many of you this was made possible.
    I hope that in the future you all will continue to help, especially with entering dogs, I must admit that I have in the meantime a lot of material stored, too much to enter all by myself

    Last Updated: Nov 02 2012

    New Searches/Vertical Pedigree

    New Search for Orphans - dogs without sire and/or dam
    New Search for Date of Birth
    From the Pedigree View there is now a link to the Vertical Pedigree with medical information of the dog you just view. The Vertical Pedigree also includes the information of the full siblings of the ancestors.

    Last Updated: Aug 13 2012


    Statistics are now real-time!

    Last Updated: Jul 19 2012

    Llewellins are flagged

    Llewellins are now indicated before the dog's titel and name if the according entry is in the database.
    Llewellins are pure and trace back to the breeding program of R. L. Purcell Llewellin, whereas the English Setters have a lot of Llewellin bloodlines in their past. Therefore Llewellin Setters were right from the start an indispensable part of this database.

    Last Updated: Jul 05 2012


    Introducing PedPoint - a new, additional user interface for the Willie Walker English Setter Database with the following features: Inbreeding Pedigree, Vertical Pedigree, Reverse Pedigree and a Breeding Report.
    The data result from the one and only Willie Walker SQL database and are therefore always up to date.

    The Inbreeding Pedigree displays ancestors which appear more than once in a pedigree each in a different color.
    The Vertical Pedigree is the same as a normal pedigree except that for each ancestor it lists the full siblings, hyperlinked and with all medical information.
    The Reverse Pedigree will show you all the offspring, the offspring's offspring, etc. of the selected dog. Be careful how many generations you select for this. With some of the popular sires, this display can become quite large.
    The Breeding Report lists of every English Setter the main details, sire, dam and each litter they have produced in date order with the mate and offspring, furthermore the full siblings and half-siblings both on sire's and dam's side of the selected dog.

    Last Updated: Jun 23 2012

    New Fields

    Post titles: There's a new field to enter post titles - they appear in the "pedigree view" right after the name.

    Medical information: New fields for medical information (hips, shoulders, elbows, other diseases, BAER, dentition, other reports). Those info already entered into the "notes" will be transferred by me. The new fields are also integrated in the "Search Dog" or if you want to see all health reports - there is an additional new search: "Search Health Reports" in the menu. The medical info appears in the "detail view" of the dog and in the "pedigree view with more information".
    On this occasion I want to say a big thank you to Dick Fox, who suggested to include the health clearances in the WW database a little bit over a year ago with one sentence: "I don't see any health clearances - to me, that's CRITICAL to breeding good dogs". How right he was... I am very sorry he can't see this further improvement of the database anymore, but I am pretty sure he would have appreciated it.

    Of course this can only be a valuable support for breeders when there are as much data as possible filled in, so therefore I ask my members and visitors to either enter or send health reports to me so I can enter them.

    Please enter only the data you are entitled to by either being the breeder/owner of the dog and/or by possessing written documentation (health reports, offical pedigrees,...) or data from official sources e.g. OFA, national breed clubs or stud books.
    Please do not enter data published on private websites.
    I reserve the right to delete unvarifiable entries.

    Last Updated: Jun 05 2012

    Newest Entries

    "Newest entries" now show sire and dam!

    Last Updated: Mar 24 2012

    In Memoriam Bruni + 25.6.2011

    Yesterday we said good bye to Brunhilde Ostermaier, accompanied on her last way not only by her family and friends, but also by an honour guard of Setters.

    Bruni was one of our first and most assiduous database members, who entered several thousand English Setters and who had many ideas for the improvement of this database.
    Thank you, Bruni - and thank you for your friendship!

    Last Updated: Jul 02 2011
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