I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the provided information is true and accurate. Name: Karin Steinhübel Germany English Setter Breeder: DATE SIGNATURE Certificate of Pedigree Whelped: Owner: Sex: Breed: Reg#: Color: male 20 JUN 2011 orange belton NO VDH stud book number  Don by White Angel  Ch. Belle Bijou by White Angel  Ch. Fairray Ambitious   Fairray Uppity  Ch. Fairray Quality  Ch. Windems Speak Of The Devil  Ch. Oakley's Bulletproof  Ch. Oakley's Roxanne JH Ch. Clariho Holiday Sunrise   Dorea's Brown Sugar   Chickpea Pleasure of Stardust   Lovers Real King of the Flaming-Star   Kind Princess of the Flaming-Star  Ch. Fey Firedrake of Slow Fox  Ch. Can Can Call Girl of Slow Fox  Ch. Bournehouse Rock Star  Ch. Sevenoaks Lucky Luke   Sevenoaks Amarige  Ch. Set'r Ridge Sevenoaks Richkid  Ch. Sevenoaks Set'rridge Blackgold  Ch. Set'r Ridge Lookin At You Kid JH Ch. Reidwood Justice To Prevail  Ch. Reidwood Airs In Hand  Ch. Sevenoaks Equal Justice  Ch. Sevenoaks Dioneecio   Sevenoaks Easy On The Eyes  Ch. Linwood Feathers Tell The Truth   Sevenoaks Nighthawk  Ch. Sevenoaks Draco  Ch. Sevenoaks Believe In Justice  Ch. Clariho Apple Cider JH