I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the provided information is true and accurate. Name: Emanuele Salini Italy Marzio Panattoni Italy Llewellin Setter Breeder: DATE SIGNATURE Certificate of Pedigree Whelped: Owner: Sex: Breed: Reg#: Color: female 16 MAY 2006 white and black LOI 06105171- FDSB 1620149  Yankeeruby del Pianone   Daisydeacon del Pianone   Grande Deacon   Grande Ronde Babe   Passion's Unleashed Pup   Dude's Bloody Baron   Grande Ronde Tu   Grande Ronde Gypsy   Blizzard's Grande Ronde   Tcarmin Wind'em d'Hurlain-Pre   Pcarmina Wind'em d'Hurlain Prè   K'Guinnes Wind'em d'Hurlain Prè   G'Carmen Wind'em d'Hurlain Prè   Dashing Q'Fanfaron Bondhu   Dashing J'Flamingo III Bondhu   Dashing M'Blue Prince Bondhu   Highland Ambassador Bondhu   Highland Aspen Patch   Highland Willow   Sagehill Willow Bondhu   Bud's Bloody Baron   Tonic Bondhu   Dashing Megan Bondhu   Jet Bondhu   Highland Yankee Bondhu   Highland Sally Bondhu   Bondhu Dashing Holly   Highland Mick Bondhu   Tonic Bondhu   Jet Bondhu   Dashing Megan Bondhu