I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the provided information is true and accurate. Name: John J. Nowak USA, Mary A. Nowak USA English Setter Breeder: DATE SIGNATURE Certificate of Pedigree Whelped: Owner: Sex: Breed: Reg#: Color: male 15 DEC 1998 orange belton AKC SN61561203 Am.Ch. Honeygait Limited Edition  Ch. Foxtract's Honeygait Alexa  Ch. Carob's Twist And Shout JH Ch. Carob Girl's Night Out  Ch. Gold Rush Alliance  Ch. Rogresta Lord Devereux  Ch. Foxtract's The Invincible One  Ch. Seafield's Spell Bound  Ch. Hill-N-Dale's Sir Charles  Ch. Foxtract Driving Miss Daisy  Ch. Foxtract's Bewitched  Ch. Hill-N-Dale's Sir Charles  Ch. Seafield's Spell Bound  Ch. Gentry Double Trouble  Ch. Sir Cedric's Queen Andrea  Ch. Gold Rush Gold Miner Blues  Ch. Kerryhill Lamplr Ropin'thewind  Ch. Lampliter Sweet Lucille  Ch. Lampliter April Snow  Ch. Wesley's One For The Money  Ch. Linwoods Legend Of Woodrose  Ch. B'N'W Jacob Is Best At Woodrose  Ch. Woodrose MT Melody Bromsdale  Ch. Brasswinds Gonna Wanna Tri  Ch. Kelyric California Sun  Ch. Gold Rush Gold Digger Blues  Ch. Guyline's Artemis of Cymbria  Ch. Clariho War Paint  Ch. Colthouse Count Basil  Ch. Raybar's Blue Line  Ch. Storybooks Enchantment II