I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the provided information is true and accurate. Name: Helene H.I. Viaud Canada, RenĂ© Godbout Canada English Setter Breeder: DATE SIGNATURE Certificate of Pedigree Whelped: Owner: Sex: Breed: Reg#: Color: female 19 SEP 2005 blue belton CKC RS059582  Confettis Emilie La Jolie  Ch. Confettis Aubeline  Ch. Artizoe Nelson Casanova  Ch. Artizoe Bonnie Loulou  Ch. Fieldplays Talisman Zoe  Ch. Kelyric California Sun  DC Can.Ch. Set'r Ridge's Solid Gold CDX MH HDX Ch. Bludawns Just Call Me Jenny  Ch. Fieldplay's Setr Ridge Jhahil CD Ch. Confettis Victorine   Confettis Romance D'Heidi  Ch. Confettis Olympe  Ch. Fieldplay's Belle Confettis  Ch. Glade Times Chas'n Wingset   Kadons Field Of Dreams  Ch. Windem's Coat Of Arms  Ch. Plaisance Marquis Alexander CGN Ch. Sir Cedric's Marquise Whitney  Ch. Sir Cedric's Lady Priscilla  Ch. Sir Cedric's Duchess Isadoll  Ch. Fieldplay's Abe Lincoln  Ch. Brooklin Christylee's G I Joe  Ch. Christylee's Maritime Talk  Ch. Reidwood Dare To Dream  Ch. Mountainview Plaisance Royale  Ch. Mountainview's Orange Blossom CD Ch. Medusa Touch Of Apricot  Ch. Fieldplay's Abe Lincoln  Ch. Medusa Prancer  Ch. Bludawns I'll Take Manhattan  Ch. Brooklin Medusa