I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the provided information is true and accurate. Name: English Setter Breeder: DATE SIGNATURE Certificate of Pedigree Whelped: Owner: Sex: Breed: Reg#: Color: male 01 JUN 2020 JR 709087 ES  Rijani's Phillip Phantom of the Opera   Lucksheray Sonrisa for Rijani's   Sheradin's Star Baileys  Ch. Fairray Jetset   Fairray Brighton  Ch. Oakley's Red Bull CGN Ch. Wyndswept's Reflection of a Legacy  Ch. Stagedoor Firecracker  Ch. Wyndswept's Encore   Lucksheray Rocksolana  Ch. Fairray Nightmare  Ch. Latin Lover The Boss  Ch. Fairray Duchess   Set'r Ridge's Straight Flush   Wind Dancer's Special Justice  Ch. Set'r Ridge Smooth Operator   Lucksheray Forsage  Ch. Fairray Nightmare  Ch. Fairray Duchess   Fairray Brighton  Ch. Fairray Sir Winston WW'06-'08 Ch. Latin Lover The Boss  Ch. Blue Baltic's Surfn' Catalina  Ch. Lorien July Sunburst   Specklvest Polaris  Ch. Set'r Ridge's Bold Dreamer   Set'r Ridge's Entertainment   Bull Mtns Unbelievable  Ch. Set'r Ridge's Free Trade  Ch. Set'R Ridge's Going For Gold   Set'r Ridge's The Chosen