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World Dog Show 2018 Amsterdam - 11.08.2018
Judge: Lochs-Romans Ricky, NL

Dogs Puppy Class:
    Oakland Della Cruismany    very promising    Best Puppy

Dogs Junior Class:
    Fairray Love Is In The Air    excellent 1    Junior World Winner
    Lucksheray Be My Only One    very good    
    Lucksheray Trump Of Double Dream Loveset    very good    
    Lymarkos Cricket Jumbo Bednar    very good    
    Reason for Love Ravandlil    excellent 4    
    Siimline's Introducing My Design    excellent 3    
    Tantsuyushii Veter Pablo Picasso    excellent 2    Junior Vice World Winner

Dogs Open Class:
    Mariglen McLaren    excellent 1    CAC, CACIB, BOS, World Winner
    Severus Snape Elater Polonica    excellent 2    

Dogs Working Class:
    Prince William From Morrison    excellent 1    Best Working Dog

Dogs Champion Class:
    Fairray Humpty Dumpty    excellent    
    Latin Lover The Road Of Dreams    excellent 4    
    Lego Amazes Me Simarilion    very good    
    Lovefinder Logan Ravandlil    excellent 3    
    Nattaset Unforgettable Love    excellent 1    res. CACIB, Vice World Winner
    Princess Pride It's My Life    excellent 2    
    Vanquish Not At All    excellent    

Females Junior Class:
    Cecilia Miss of Settercity    excellent 2    Junior Vice World Winner
    Latin Lover Baltic Breeze    very good    
    Nattaset True Spring    excellent 1    Junior World Winner
    Siimline's This Is My Design    excellent 3    
    Wansleydale Strega    excellent 4    

Females Intermediate Class:
    Belton Pearls Awake Beauty    excellent 4    
    Fairray Keep On Dancing    excellent 3    
    Ravensett Make Me Smile    excellent 1    
    Zirke z Harpolu    excellent 2    

Females Open Class:
    Edenbridge National Song    excellent    
    Edenbridge National Treasure    excellent    
    Fairray Princess Soraya    excellent    
    Fantail's I'm A Legend    excellent 1    CAC, CACIB, BOB, World Winner
    Limba Amazes Me Simarilion    excellent    
    Lucksheray Fly Of Butterfly    excellent 3    
    Lymarkos Brigitte Bardot    excellent 4    
    Nattaset Winter Love    excellent 2    res. CACIB, Vice World Winner

Females Champion Class:
    Fairray Vogue    excellent 4    
    Latin Lover Michaela    very good    
    Pasja z Orszaku Chrobrego    excellent 3    
    Vanquish Love of Rose    excellent 1    
    White Lily Lofty    excellent 2    

Females Veteran Class:
    Esthete 'N' Topsails The Fairy Queen    excellent 1    Veteran World Winner
    Latin Lover Snow on Sahara    excellent 2    Veteran Vice World Winner

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